How to maximise your profit through a successful Development


It is not rocket science to get a multi-dwelling development underway; the trick in getting it right is using your past experience in developing and having an understanding of what the market you are in really wants, then add honed skills ontop of what is required

What we find is that most of our clients initially think that they can go it alone but soon enough realise (sometimes when it is too late) that bringing in the knowledge, skills and experience of a team will not only save them Time, Stress and Money but improves the overall outcome of the development in their favor

Some of the steps required include :

  • Determining if your home (or other property) can be developed and what will work best and also be approved by your local council
  • In order to determine this, talk to us and share with us where you are now and what you are wanting to achieve
  • We will review your property and your goals (requirements)
  • Every block has its limitations but also its opportunities which we will share with you
  • We will help you find a solution that works best to maximise the development potential whilst meeting council requirements through several discussions with yourself and other decision makers
  • Once the solution is determined we will discuss and select the design, internal finishes, external finishes, landscaping etc in line with your budget, which will then be costed and presented in contracts


What might have worked for someone you know, may not suit your property or meet your end objectives


On choosing to proceed

  • You will receive preliminary contracts with the design, itemised site costs, level of selected finishes and other important information
  • Town Planning drawings will be prepared on your behalf
  • We will utilise our extensive experience in gaining council approvals on what has been discussed, agreed upon and drafted
  • Our independent planning professionals will work with you and guide you through each step of the planning process
  • Council will either approve or come back with conditions to be met, once these conditions are met you simply sign the contract and we will apply for the building permit on your behalf
  • Site clearing and building will then commence (as per contract dates) during which you will be provided with regular updates on progress as well as arranging site visits to view progress and quality of build being done


THOUGHT : What is the cost to you of getting it wrong, versus the financial upside of getting it Right?