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Whether you are Downsizing, Renovating or wanting to Invest …

Prior to commencing in Property space, Stephen has featured strongly in all aspects of financial planning and mortgage broking and Stephen’s past 11 years immersed in the residential property market as an Acquisition Advisor for both Investors and Owner Occupiers.

With a financial background and as a property investor himself, Stephen knows what makes the potential real and how the industry ticks and has enjoyed remarkable success working with developers and building companies over the last 11 odd years. Stephen has helped with the aid of his industry contacts, design, cost, implement and oversee many of his clients developments in managing the project from infancy to completion and through to the successful sale.

Stephen subscribes to being a professional placing his clients interests above all else and is a highly competent Acquisition Advisor in primarily the residential property space with some experience in the commercial, industrial and retail space.

Over Stephen’s 11 years he has established and developed tried and trusted industry relationships in all States across Australia in helping his clients grow and secure astute property investments giving his clients direct access to growth and emerging property markets around Australia. With a focus on new or off the plan property (apartments, townhouses, house and land, duplex homes or dual key homes) Stephen will give you access to a wide selection of properties to ‘best fit’ your requirements and investment strategy whilst sharing with you industry reports and due diligence as to why these properties match your preferred outcome.

Stephen strives to remain a skilled and professional Acquisition Advisor by subscribing to a broad selection of industry related reports and research and sharing this knowledge with you so that you can come to your own informed decision by working for the ultimate good of his broad client base.

Stephen will hold your hand through all stages and is directly involved in all facets of property acquisition, agency sales and property management.

Stephen is a skilled thinker in having the skills for bringing interested parties to a point where all are happy with the outcome as it suitably matches their requirements. Stephen’s talent and  passion is clearly in helping you achieve your goals by understanding where you are now, where you hope to be and how best his knowledge, skills and industry contacts can best get you there. His overarching intention is to drive towards a positive and creative conclusion to every situation, which has earned Stephen the respect of his clients and the general real estate industry all over.

Stephen is very passionate about helping people and loves the property industry a proven requirement for a successful outcome for his clients. Stephen subscribes to  being professional, brutally honest, having integrity and being dependable at all times. Stephen will work tirelessly for his clients in exceeding your expectations of him by under promising and over delivering to ensure you achieve the outcome planned for.

The biggest compliment Stephen loves is when his clients refer him onto their friends and family, then he knows he has done everything right by you.