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Our expertise covers off all areas of Residential Property, what are you hoping to achieve?

Review of your Current Property

Invite us in for a review : what you have now in terms of your home, what you are hoping to achieve as a financial outcome and to share with you options which could give you a lot more $'s in your pocket by doing it right

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Getting to Know You

The more we understand where you are now in life and where you hope to be, the easier it will be to provide you with solutions to suit. The more you get to know, like and trust us the more value we are able to add

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Our Homework

We will undertake our own due diligence to provide realistic workable solutions for the purpose of improving your financial wellbeing by taking what you already have and helping you manufacture new equity, so you can sell for more

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Who we are and why us :

We come with over 50 years residential property experience across a broad spectrum of properties. You know you are in the care of Property Professionals who have your interest at heart Our vast experience includes qualified buyers agents, qualified sellers agents, experienced property advisors, skilled financial planning & mortgage broking services and years of successful property development and renovation. Inviting you to access to our industry knowledge, skills and contacts; in providing you a realistic workable solution to financially improve your life whilst giving you choice !


Highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional and personable team who always have your interests at heart. If we educate you to a point of making an informed decision ... we have done everything right by you - this is our pledge!

Jack Henderson

Jack Henderson

Jack is lovable and comes with over 50 years residential property experience covering off from being a total professional when acting in your best interests as a buyers agent, a sellers agent or wanting to add value to your own property through renovation or manufacture equity through developing your property. Professional, Personable, Skilled, Quick to identify opportunity for you, incredible knowledge and so many industry relationships to point you in the right direction that much quicker

Its all about You

Its all about You

The purpose of deliberately setting up our company is because so many people own their own home but are doing it tough and are unable to Live the Live they Want and Deserve Jack and Stephen got together and implemented ideas and strategies based on both their backgrounds and experiences and continue to add financial value to people just like you We know that every property we see we can either manufacture wealth or add financial value so that you can retire with more money than you have right now We also understand the implications of how Inflation will decimate your life savings and know we can help you become aware of it and work with you to give you more money Become the Priority in Your Own Life!

Stephen Lazar

Stephen Lazar

Stephen offers you his professional skills coming off a 15 year financial planning background (understanding where you are now and where you want to be financially), mortgage broker finance experience and the past 11 years in the residential property experience helping owners find residential property to live or downsize into and also working side by side with investors who have goals and wanting to make a difference in their lives and their families life through astute property investment. Stephen is highly professional and personable and always puts your needs first in working with you to come to your own informed decisions and will always unselfishly introduce you to his industry contacts to ensure you achieve what you want for yourself.

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