Anyone who has sold a home through an estate agent has been over promised, had their initial expectations managed downwards and have been deliberately manipulated into an uncomfortable level of anxiety, until you accept what the agent will then tell you is a ‘fair price’.

Sound familiar?

As a seller, your local estate agent will use every trick in their well learned and rehearsed book to seduce you into using their services.

Even worse, are the agents who tell you exactly what you want to hear in offering higher values and unrealistic results; or the emergence of the Purple Bricks type companies with low fee cost structures or the plethora of online portals offering to sell your home at a fraction of the fee compared to traditional estate agents

They all sound very enticing and sure do work; but at whose cost?


Surely the purpose of selling your family home through your local agent is so that you come out with as much money as possible, in order to be able to effectively downsize and retire, with enough funds in the bank so you don’t have to worry about your next dollar!


Selling your home today as it is or with a coat of paint :

  • We know your local agent makes money by listing your property so would love to get their hands on it
  • In order to get the listing your expectations will be set higher on what the potential sale price and value could be
  • You will also be paying a healthy marketing fee to get your home listed on the various platforms whilst advertising the agents brand name
  • During the open for inspection and then auction process your expectations will then be managed down form the high expectations originally set at the time of trying to list your property
  • You will be assured during the process that your interests are being looked after
  • Whilst charging you healthy commissions for the privilege


How can you maximise the Selling Price of your family home?


It’s pretty simple really; before you sell talk to a professional who will show you how to add value to your home in order to maximise the sale price.

Downsize Services* will analyse and review your home and upon achieving an understanding of your current situation and where you hope to be (financially and physically) once you have sold, will come back to you with realistic and workable solutions, designed to increase the end sale price of your family home. The sole purpose being to put more money in your pocket.

MORE IMPORTANTLY : We will also analyse and review the local market in order to obtain a clear understanding of what the ideal buyer looks like and turn your property into the exact type of home which will not only sell quicker but also sell at a higher price.

Not only this, but Downsize Services* will also negotiate with the best fit real estate agent to ensure they are working hard for you and that you are not manipulated into taking offers just to conclude a sale.

Our skills and industry knowledge will ensure that we can manufacture wealth out of your existing property so that you come out with more money at the time of the sale. If your property is not suited, or not practical to undertake the change we will tell you upfront and not waste your time.

If  realistically we are unable to add sufficient value, we will still act as your Selling Agents in order to manage the estate agent as efficiently and as effectively as possible so that you will not have to undergo the anxiety that comes along with selling your home, whilst at the same time trying to maximise the sale price by keeping the agent honest in representing you and your property and in working hard for you. They will have to earn their commissions!

On the other hand if we can add value to your home we will discuss the options, fees, expectations and potential upside designed to sell quicker and also to put more money in your pocket  than if you sold as is through your local agent. This is our guarantee to you.


Talk to us today and see what you will learn on how to get more money for the sale of your property so that you can live the life you want and deserve for yourselves.