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Since commencing in Property and Real Estate in the 80’s, Jack – a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and MBA – has featured strongly in all aspects of property investment. With a family background in construction, and having been a building contractor himself, Jack knows what makes the industry tick and has enjoyed remarkable success working with developers and building companies over the last 20 odd years. Jack has helped design, cost, implement and oversee many of his clients developments in managing the project from infancy to completion and through to the successful sale.

Jack is a professional. He’s highly competent and as an agent has been involved in many commercial, industrial, retail and residential (existing and off-plan) markets.

Jack is active variously as a skilled and professional buying agent and a selling agent, working for the ultimate good of his broad client base. Jack is directly involved in all facets of property acquisition, agency sales and  management.

Jack is a skilled negotiator having written and presented on the subject as well as having the skills for bringing interested parties to a point where all are happy with the outcome. Jack’s talent and  passion is clearly where close tough negotiations are concluded with the ultimate aim of satisfaction for all parties. His overarching intention is to drive towards a positive conclusion to every situation, which has earned Jack the respect of vendors and purchasers and the general real estate industry all over.

Jack is also very passionate about the industry and the “professional property agent”, whether buyer funded or vendor driven. Jack sees the key elements of the industry being professionally built around honesty, integrity, dependability and skill. He expects his people and he himself to work tirelessly for his clients with continual information delivery and ultimate results beyond their expectations.

Commitment is everything to Jack.