Renovating your Home to capitalise on the Sale Value



Why Renovate, what is your purpose and end goal?

Two options of renovation :

  • Make home more livable and energy efficient to see you through retirement


  • Renovate to maximise profit when wanting to sell your home


Understanding your floor plan

What might have worked for you and your family all these years may not necessarily be functional by today’s standards nor what your premium buyer might be looking for in their next home

The need to ensure your home flows; meaning it is functional with privacy and easy access to both living and entertaining indoor and outdoor

Adding extra bedrooms, altering the flow of the floor plan, remodeling the garden, adding a deck and outdoor entertainment area




A functional yet styled kitchen will sell your home over and above other rooms

Most decisions to buy or not to buy stem from the kitchen and how it is presented. You would want to get this room Right!


Styling the Home


A Styled home is known to sell for higher Dollars and a professionally styled home will bring in even a higher sale price

Downsize Services* outsource our styling to professionals who have a keen eye to match your home to the type of buyer within your market place. This is their skill and expertise and our clients trust and love their work … results speak louder than words!


Renovate for Success