Your chance to Design and Live the Life you Deserve

Man, it’s been a long and challenging road and finally you are getting closer (or are in) your slowing down phase of life which includes that well deserved retirement.

Do you know that the majority of Baby Boomers are unable to live retirement how they hoped, planned and slogged for years to be able to do so?

Unfortunately most will fall short in their financial planning and just don’t have enough money and are not looking forward to the next 10, 20 or 30 years financial drag ahead of them

Sure this varies between baby boomers with some having more saved than others, where some have homes paid for and others still a mortgage or where your home is starting to cost you an arm and a leg and you just cannot live how you want … a dead end situation?

You are not alone

AND there are potential solutions, if only you knew where to look?

We were all told to go out and buy a home, build the dream and pay it off. What we began to realise is that the family home became this bottomless financial pit and not really that investment we were taught to believe it was. Yes sure we have enjoyed capital growth but downsizing has also gotten very expensive leaving very little in the coffers to live on how we planned to live. Sound familiar?

Well, it could be true, what if on the other hand the family home can now be turned into this ‘elusive’ investment we were told it was?

What if?

Family Home today; which ones can you identify with?

  • The home is tired, needs a solid coat of paint and make over
  • The roof leaks
  • Our cladding is rotten
  • The wooden window frames are rotting
  • We have outgrown the family home, kids have left and we now have too much space we don’t need
  • Suddenly the garden seems that much bigger and has become hard work to maintain
  • Didn’t we just cut the lawn, damn it needs another cutting
  • Why does it cost so much to heat in these long winters, our electricity bills are so high?
  • Can we afford to run the Air Conditioning this summer it sure gets hot but our air conditioning is so damn expensive to run?
  • If only we could sell, pay off the outstanding mortgage and buy something smaller and more manageable
  • We don’t really want to leave our suburb, we have been here so long and all our friends and local shops are here but buying another smaller home in the area is too expensive
  • If I downsize today, I will be spending more on a smaller home that I will get for selling this larger property

We could really keep going, as we have heard it all and our clients today have

the same or similar issues as you do and just didn’t know which way to turn

BUT also knew that they have worked bloody hard their whole lives … and for what??

By now you are asking “where is the Benefit to you?”

And we agree, especially as this section is called Benefit to You

Your solution is Downsizer Services*

Invite us in and in return we will invite you to piggy back off our vast amount of experience, industry knowledge and skills learned over the past 50 and more years to show you how together we can add dollar value to the end sale price of your family home so that you can come out with more money in your own pockets!

MORE IMPORTANTLY : We will also analyse and review the local market in order to obtain a clear understanding of what the ideal buyer looks like and turn your property into the exact type of home, which will not only sell quicker, but also sell at a higher price.

What do we mean by this, click here