Downsizer Services

“Retirement has a way of sneaking up on us and downsizing is a vital aspect you would want to get right!

Doing it right can free up the cash you need to live more comfortable and reduce retirement stress by living the life you want and deserve to live you would agree.”

What you get out of a well planned and structured downsize is more money in your pocket.

What we get out of it?

Its Simple : “We love what we do, we are Passionate about helping people just like you come out with more money than you would have had, we love property and for us this is not ‘work’; this is our labour of Love!”

And yes we do earn a fee whilst ensuring you come out the other side with a helluva lot more Dollars and this is our Purpose

How best can we maximise your return on your own investment, so that you can live the life you want, is by using tools of the trade and years of experience to your advantage

Our system has been deliberately set up to allow you to understand the opportunity you have in hand today and share with you how we work with you each step of the way, before you commit to yourselves. By achieving this you will then be making an informed decision and put in place a strategy to give you more money than you would have otherwise had if you just sold through your chosen real estate agent

Some of our solutions are that simple and when we share them with you, you will say “wow, how come we didn’t think of that ourselves?

This comes on the back of years of experience and knowledge learned and gained, but what is more important is implementing the solution as ‘cost efficient’ as possible to improve on the profit or equity you gain at the end of the project

Does it start to make sense now?

Your Home Prepared and Presented to Achieve the Highest Price for You