Purpose is to Efficiently use your Block for Maximum Profit

Our years of industry experience, knowledge of local council rulings will allow us to intelligently maximise the value potential of your current home and block


Types of Dwellings

What we recommend as a preferred solution is wholly dependent on what can be undertaken in your circumstances and what the block will allow

This could include any of the following :

  • 3 or more dwellings (townhouses)
  • Boutique Apartment Block
  • Duplex Home (two homes side by side)
  • Dual Key Home (two homes side by side)
  • Selling off your ‘back yard’ and keeping the original home
  • Selling off the original home (after a renovation), subdividing the block and building yourself a new home on the subdivision


How do we know what will work best for you?

We will not know nor recommend any of the above (or other) until we access the property

Our first step will be to view it online which will allow us to identify the potential of the block

After which we will undertake a site visit which after detailed discussion will give us a far better picture on what might be able to be achieved. We will discuss this with you and after sharing preliminary costs and potential financial gain you will soon enough be able to guide us in the direction you prefer to move forwards in