Sell my Property Privately

Sell my property privately

Our clients have differing scenarios when choosing to sell their property off the market and privately in that they may prefer to avoid the public scrutiny, the hassle of open for inspections and auctions or couldn’t be bothered altering their lives by fixing up the home and minimising what they have in their homes so it presents well during the whole sales cycle. Or perhaps you may be selling due to a divorce or financial hardship and don’t want the sticky beaks to know what you are going through … what ever your reason might be?


With our professional services, you have access to our unique service which allows you to sell your property privately without the hassles and public attention of auctions. This is achieved by identifying the premium development value of your property plus the following advantages:

  • Private sale valuations
  • No Renovations, Maintenance or Repairs Required
  • More in vendor’s pocket (save on selling and marketing costs)
  • Serious buyers only
  • Discretion, no Signage in front of the property
  • No Open House Inspections or Hassles of Auction
  • We conduct the research (feasibility of the land)
  • We look for buyers (private sale or developers)

Your properties size and location can derive a strong interest from potential developers with whom ware are in contact with meaning exposing your property to multiple buyers, showcasing the development potential of that site.

We do this by liaising with you the owner and doing the necessary legwork for developers where we extensively research the development potential and feasibility value so that developers know exactly what their options are for the land might be. We will only take on sites with extended settlement periods to allow for development applications to start.

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What if your property is not developable?

Where there is no development potential or the feasibility does not stack up we will act as your selling agents in helping you appoint and manage the Estate Agent to ensure that they are doing right by you throughout the sales process.

We may recommend a cosmetic fixer up or even a major renovation to vastly improve the value of your property before you sell and once again we will act as your selling agent in helping you appoint and manage the local real estate agent on your behalf.

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