Developing your property to Manufacture extra Equity



Putting more money in your own pocket so you may live the life you deserve and

want by Preparing and Presenting your home to achieve the highest price.


“Getting your new multi-dwelling investment underway is easier than you may think; and of course we make it that much smoother by holding your hand each step of the way.”


Getting Started

After our initial meeting and follow on discussions you will soon enough know if t is financially worthwhile to knock down and redevelop your property. At this time you will also be told what the end value of the whole project could be and how much Extra Dollars you will have in your pocket when you use the Downsize Services* available to you

We will help identify which is the most cost effective result which will also be the most profitable for you so that you may live a better life in your slowing down retirement years

Our skills and strength lies in understanding the current market value of your home, then in evaluating your block and home because we know that every block has its limitations but every block has its opportunities too. Our team will find a ‘best fit’ solution that works within the local planning laws whilst maximising the development potential of your own block; the result once again is to give you more dollars in your pocket than if you sold your current home through your local estate agent

MORE IMPORTANTLY : We will analyse and review the local market in order to obtain a clear understanding of what the ideal buyer looks like and turn your property into the exact type of home which will not only sell quicker but also sell at a higher price.

Next Step

On giving us your go ahead we will prepare preliminary contracts to itemise estimated site costs, development costs, build costs etc so you have a fairly accurate assessment of your investment going forwards to ensure the budget works and the potential outcome remains sufficiently profitable for you. Because this is the Goal!

Committing to this stage will allow us to proceed to the planning process and discussing with local council on your behalf


Town Planning Submission

Downsize Services* will have your town planning drawings prepared and then draw on our extensive industry experience in gaining council approvals whilst giving you access to our independent planning specialists who will help guide you through each step of the town planning process


Going to Contract

After town planning application is approved you simply signt your contract so that we can apply for a building permit on your behalf


Build Process

Our services include introduction to knocking down and removal of the existing home (where required), regular site visits to professionally manage and oversee the project on your behalf from the very beginning right through to the end results when we invite you in to attend the final inspection and take possession of your new development


Where to from here

Some of our clients will choose to

  • Occupy one of the new dwellings and rent out the other for ongoing rental income
  • Occupy one of the new dwellings and sell the other for profit to fund lifestyle choice
  • Sell all newly constructed dwellings


Selling Process

Downsize Services* offer an accomplished Sellers Agent service to ensure you appoint the most appropriate agent who will only be working on your behalf to maximise your sale price

Our Sellers Agent service keeps the appointed real estate agent honest and reliable whilst they represent you our client. And what is more there is absolutely no fee from our side for doing so because if you recall, our goal is to ensure you come away with more money in your pocket


Your Purpose, Our Process and how you will Benefit

What is our Process?

Our process includes providing you total peace of mind through our ‘one stop professional shop’ which includes the following services and value-added services

  • Meeting with you so that we obtain a detailed and full understanding of
    • Where you are now
      • Details of your current home, your finances, budget, lifestyle, preferences, financial circumstances, retirement bucket list etc
    • Where do you hope to be
      • Details of your current living expenses and future financial goals, travel dreams, obligations to your children, obligations to yourself
      • Where do you want to live and in what type of dwelling, does this include :
        • Sea change, tree change, staying where you are now, a retirement village, whatever your thinking is
      • How best to get you there
        • By understanding where you are now and where you want to be we will offer a detailed analysis and come back to you with solution(s) which will ‘best’ help you achieve the life you want and deserve for yourselves
      • Where to from here
        • You review our recommendations
        • We discuss them and answer your questions
        • Get the ball rolling so that you come out with more money in your pocket which will give you a better financial chance of living a deserved and well earned retirement


What is your own Purpose?

To be able to Live and have enough money to do what we really want to do after working our butts off all these years

We all want more money in life, our purpose is to ensure that you come out the other side having more dollars in your own pocket, than if you sold your property as is through the local real estate office. After all, this too is a purpose of you selling!


What is the primary Objective?

To take your existing property and manufacture wealth, through a well thought out Renovation or a Development, by turning what you have now into either : one major modern home, a duplex home or an intelligently thought out modern renovated home, to suit the local market, which someone will want and pay a lot more to own than if you sold without improvements.