Who is Downsizer services and how do I benefit from working with you?


What is the philosophy behind your home design plans?

The homes we look to design ensure that when you step inside you can’t help but be impressed by the sleek, modern design and light-filled spaces. We create innovative and practical homes that are designed to grow with your family. Our design philosophy has remained the same which is to design a home you’d love to live in that celebrates the diversity of life. Our designs continue to evolve, improve and innovate on the back of constant change of lifestyle, research and development. With core principles of excellence and beauty, a valuable sense of space and openness, we design homes that reflect your family and your lifestyle.

There is nothing like seeing, touching and feeling all the customised style options of a new home design. With a large range of products, materials and finishes to help make your decision-making a little easier. Make an appointment to see how you can truly, Love Where You Live.


Are you a respected and trusted home builder?

We ourselves are not the builders, we work with companies who have over 40 years of experience, companies who have enjoyed a proud history of building quality and cost-effective homes for Australians. We want you to make an informed decision on your home for the right reasons – because it suits your needs and lifestyle within your budget. That is why our homes are designed the way they are. We work with reputable industry associated builders where the industry have recognised the importance of this, presenting their home designs with prestigious awards. We think you will love them, too. Each award won pushes us to continue to be the best home providers in Australia, you will soon discover for yourself our point of difference.


Can I access floor plans for each design?

Yes we will provide you with a full set of detailed drawings. All the measurements and dimensions are included, as well as the minimum size of the block required for each design.


Can I find out more at your display homes?

Remember, we are not the builders however our various builders do have display homes you can go touch and feel and achieve your own level of comfort

Whether you are wanting a single story to downsize into, a dual key or duplex home you will be sure to know we have a selection of recommended solutions at hand to suit your lifestyle now and into the future whilst your needs continue to change and our award winning builders are aligned with the Housing Institute of Australia and the Masters Builders’ Association of Victoria … giving you the peace of mind you deserve

What is your Process?

Our process includes providing you total peace of mind through our ‘one stop professional shop’ which includes the following services and value-added services

  • Meeting with you so that we obtain a detailed and full understanding of
    • Where you are now
      • Details of your current home, your finances, budget, lifestyle, preferences, financial circumstances, retirement bucket list etc
    • Where do you hope to be
      • Details of your current living expenses and future financial goals, travel dreams, obligations to your children, obligations to yourself
      • Where do you want to live and in what type of dwelling, does this include :
        • Sea change, tree change, staying where you are now, a retirement village, whatever your thinking is
      • How best to get you there
        • By understanding where you are now and where you want to be we will offer a detailed analysis and come back to you with solution(s) which will ‘best’ help you achieve the life you want and deserve for yourselves
      • Where to from here
        • You review our recommendations
        • We discuss them and answer your questions
        • Get the ball rolling so that you come out with more money in your pocket which will give you a better financial chance of living a deserved and well earned retirement


What is your own Purpose?

To be able to Live and have enough money to do what we really want to do after working our butts off all these years

We all want more money in life, our purpose is to ensure that you come out the other side having more dollars in your own pocket, than if you sold your property as is through the local real estate office. After all, this too is a purpose of you selling!


What is the primary Objective?

To take your existing property and manufacture wealth, through a well thought out Renovation or a Development, by turning what you have now into either : one major modern home, a duplex home or an intelligently thought out modern renovated home, which someone will want and pay a lot more to own