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Move home to gain the dream lifestyle you desire and deserve for yourself; it can come with several perks and one of them being ‘Freeing up Capital’ to start enjoying what you love doing!

A step in the right direction is also a first step into your new life and into an ‘age friendly’ house you are proud to call home … and no, you are not retirees, you are newly “Recycled Teenagers” living life in the way you deserve to live!


  • How do I know it is time to downsize?
  • What are the benefits to me of downsizing?
  • I want a sea or tree change, how do I know where to look?
  • Into what type of home should I be downsizing into, what are my choices?
  • What if I want a lock up and travel type of home?
  • Who do I talk to to sell my home so I can get the best sale price?
  • What if I think I want to develop my property?
  • How do I get the most out of the sale of my property?
  • How best can I add value so that I can sell for more?
  • Can I build a granny flat to live in and rent out my home?
  • Can I buy a duplex home and rent out one half whilst living in the other side?
  • What type of renovation works best when thinking of selling the family home?
  • Into what should I be investing the balance of my capital from the sale of the family home?

Work with us and we will answer all the questions you have so that you can best come to your own informed decision in what is going to work best for you!



Partly answering two of the above questions :


How do I know it it is time to downsize :-

  • Do you need all the space you have, are you still comfortable in the family home or is it just a familiar habit
  • Can you afford the ongoing repairs, is your home energy efficient, tired of mowing the lawn, fixing or not having enough money to fix major issues (leaky roof, cracks, kitchen too old, totally not energy efficient)
  • Are you finding your Electricity and or Gas bills too high because your home is too cold in winter and too hot in summer, thus costing you a fortune to heat and cool.
    • New homes are highly energy efficient and will save you a tidy sum every year
    • Old homes have a high cost of powering them, which as we know just keeps getting more expensive
  • Has your neighborhood changed, friends moved out, gotten too over crowded and just not the same
  • Do you want a change of Lifestyle to go live by the coast or live in the hills and enjoy a tree change
  • My home is just too expensive to run and maintain and too large and takes too much of my time to manage


What are the benefits of Downsizing to me :-

  • Can you easily afford to continue to live in the family home and have enough money to live the life you want and deserve for yourself?
  • If not, then you need to run through the numbers or talk to us to run through them with you
  • A major benefit and purposes of Downsizing is to ensure you come out with more money than you had to comfortably buy your next home
  • Do you need to increase your retirement savings so that you are not cash strapped for every day life needs and that travel or holiday you want to experience every year?
  • Downsizing should ensure that you have lower living costs
    • Mortgage (if any)
    • Rates
    • Insurance
    • Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Gives you choice of where you want to live
  • And how about a brand new Unit, Townhouse or Home with all new fixtures and fittings and bathrooms and kitchens
    • And of course builder warranties and guarantees further lowering your upkeep costs
  • More time to do what you want instead of constantly cleaning, fixing, mowing, sweeping, trimming and all the other ‘ings