What do Downsizers want?

We continually see a healthy growth in the number of online inquiries we are getting from all States across Australia, from Down Sizers looking for apartments or units closer in to their capital city.

Of late, 50% of our inquiries are coming from owner occupiers just like you, whose family home has outgrown them, whose homes are becoming too expensive to maintain and look after, and from those just wanting to sell up and live their retirement with capital in the bank and a new lock up and go!

What are our clients buying?

The strongest demand making up 70% of our inquiries and sales is for owner occupiers downsizing into Apartments or similar dwellings closer to the city.

Our clients are wanting lifestyle, in a new lock up and travel dwelling, with decent internal sizes, that comprise of 2 or 3 beds.

We are sourcing them homes to suit their particular criteria, and within the locations of their choice, whilst matching their budgets to suit.

Advantages of Off the Plan

Most of our inquiry is for a new property, as “they want to be the first to live in their new downsize” they tell us. And of course new is not only refreshing and suits their future chosen lifestyle, but it also comes with building warranties and guarantees and of course very low to no maintenance.

Being Off the Plan means a far wider choice of dwelling and location to suit their budgets and preferred lifestyle requirements and our clients can then plan with sufficient time their downsize. Some clients are in a hurry whilst most want time to fix up and sell the family home and plan their move properly thus looking for settlement/completion dates further down the line to suit.

A further advantage of Off the Plan means no running around to open for inspections, no need to attend auctions and bid against someone with deeper pockets and stronger emotions. Off the Plan removes external pressures for rushing a decision or the fear of missing out and making the wrong decision for what will become your next home. A highly important decision you would agree!

Future Expenses

New properties are also a lot more energy efficient keeping more money in our clients pockets compared to other properties which require a lot of heating or cooling and are expensive to hold onto.

Heading into ones retirement phase it is imperative to have these costs efficiently managed and kept as low as possible to preserve retirement funds and lifestyle.

Lifestyle Choice

With life ahead of you, you now have choice!What do you want?

A fair size of our inquiry is for lifestyle buildings which include a gym, swimming pool, common areas and rooftop or other garden space. For most these are essential requirements as our buyers are coming into these buildings to Live, Thrive and to Give Back to the Community!

Thinking of Downsizing? Share with us what you are after and your downsizing dream list of your requirements and we will work with you to find that downsizer you really want … saving you time, stress and money doing so!

“How best may we serve you in finding you what you want?”

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