Home too large, too expensive to maintain, looking for a sea or tree change?

Downsizing my home


An ever increasing number of us are rethinking the size of our dwellings because it is time to think smaller when it comes to where and how we now choose to live.

The ‘downsizer’ label conjures up a particular image – a grey haired couple rattling around in a large home that their adult children have vacated. And while it’s true that many downsizers are empty nesters, people of all ages have their reasons for choosing smaller homes and why not!

  • Affordability plays a major role in making the decision to downsize
  • Ongoing maintenance and running of the home eats into our lifestyle budget
  • The cost of heating the home in winter or cooling it in summer has literally gotten out of hand and affordable for some
  • Having to keep the space we never even get to use clean is time consuming and a waste of valuable time and energy
  • You may want to move to be closer to the lifestyle you want and have worked all your life for


Considering downsizing, here are some of the reasons our other clients share with us to keep in mind:


What lifestyle do you truly want for yourself?


Choosing a location to suit your long standing dreams as we only live once. Whether they are living on the beach for a sea change, or moving more rural for a tree change, or wanting to be in the thick of the action within the inner suburbs … you now have choice!

Go with your gut, work out your reasons why you are downsizing.

Consider your future needs and choose an appropriate property to suit what you want now and how your life will change going forwards.


Today, less is more.

Declutter to enjoy life.

Be strict and go in hard and get rid of all those things you have been unnecessarily holding onto just in case. Our clients who have made the transition of decluttering are the happiest clients. They didn’t need the eight seater dining table any longer, or that favourite chair nor the multiples of crockery or cutlery just in case.

We all know that some of your furniture will need to be downsized along with the home, it is a matter of accepting the upcoming and exciting changes.

Some of us are unable to or are unwilling to dispose of everything, that is OK, look into long term storage. Revisit them in a year and if you haven’t needed or thought about them in that time, it’s probably safe to let them go you may agree.


How have others made the transition?

Every day, thousands of people across the globe are downsizing. It may seem daunting to you today but as time goes on and you tackle it head on you will get to love the impending lifestyle changes.

Information on downsizing is now readily available online through lifestyle blogs and various websites or you can hire consultants to work with and educate you on how best to downsize.

Thousands of real people are making clever use of less space, it is all in talking to people around you who have your interest at hand in helping you make the changes in your life and the attitude you adopt towards making these changes.


How much will it cost?

The question is how can I make more money from selling the family home and how can I save money downsizing?

Getting this right in your planning to downsize phase is vital, our clients can vouch for this. You only get one shot at maximising and improving on the land and asset value of your family home before you sell it. And you only get one shot at what you are going to downsize into, so best to get both decisions right by working with professionals who do this everyday, you would agree.

A benefit of downsizing is coming out with more disposable income to enjoy life, after all you have worked hard to get to this moment … savour it!

You wouldn’t want to land up with a higher mortgage than you have in your family home today when you downsize, unless you downsize into that dream home and spend the kids inheritance whilst they are not looking. If your budget allows for this then why not go for it, however if you are limited by a budget then work with a professional who has your interest at heart in finding you that home you are going to live out your retirement in and work towards having no or only a small loan. It’s possible.

Smaller dwellings should be more energy efficient and attract far lower maintenance and upkeep whether that be an apartment, townhouse, villa, terrace or new home. By analysing where you want to live, what budget you have you will soon enough know the type of doweling you could secure in that area. Be firm and stick to your budget as you still may want to travel, dine out, live it up a bit, play golf or go sailing and the balance of your budget will be required to fund how you choose to live.


Benefits and Advantages of Downsizing

Involve a team around you when planning your change

Downsizing is exciting and stressful especially when planned and when you know what you’re getting into. Change adds years onto your life when well thought out and planned.

Most of us think we know what we want, this is normal yet we have to ask ourselves those that go it alone or are too frightened to change are they better off or worse off?

To avoid disappointment and in making the most informed and important decision you will be making at this stage in life … it pays you to work with a team who wants you to be better off, who will hold your hand each step of the way, guiding you towards achieving the life you want and deserve.

Work with a team who have the skills and resources to :

  • Understand where you are now, your current situation
    • Home, finances, super balance, lifestyle etc
  • Help you identify where you want to be and by when
    • Lifestyle choice (where, travel, sport, hobbies, future expenses, dependents etc), budget, type of dwelling, location and more
  • Comprehend your current financial position and help you determine your future financial requirements taking everything into account
  •  Identify how best to maximise your family home so that you can sell for more $’s on which will determine your retirement outcome
  • Manage the sales process to ensure the appointed real estate agent is kept ‘honest’ and working hard for you to achieve the best results
  • Whilst planning on what your downsize requirements are in terms of
    • Location, budget, type of dwelling, time frame of when you will make the move etc


By now you will get the sense that this is what we do, we are a professional and highly skilled team deliberately set up to ensure we save you time and stress in maximising the sale price of your family home and in saving you money on what you choose to downsize into, whilst holding your hand through every step of the way. Can you ask for more?