My worry for you is that “we are all living longer.”


Life expectancy for those who have reached 65 is almost 83 for a male and 86 for a female, we are living longer


then there is INFLATION


In our final years of our working life we are suddenly left with very little time to accumulate what we need, in order to retire in the lifestyle we certainly deserve for ourselves. We have worked hard just to get here. Spent a fortune on our kids, paying off and running our homes … only to be left financially short as we edge closer and closer to having to retire!

Not a pleasant situation to be left in is it?


Is it too late?

You are more likely to retire if you at least do just one thing, and that is manufacture equity / wealth in your home, so that when you sell it you come out with more dollars in your pocket.

It is never too late to even create just that little bit extra for yourself – the alternative is knowing you will be paying the financial price down the road if you do nothing.

The Australian Government states that a couple need an annual income of $60,457 to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement …. to live, not just exist

You are a little bit more than existing on $60k per annum and will thus struggle to live the life you deserve and want for yourself.

Now give thought to what effect inflation will have on the purchasing power of this $60k in 5, 10 or 15 years time!

Do you still feel $60k is sufficient, we don’t?

Assuming it is sufficient, this means you need cash/super of $1 200 000 earning you 5% pa to give you your $60k needed.

To take care of inflation we would advise to aim for $1.5m to $1.7m, so that you can give yourself an increase every once in a while or take that overseas trip or sea cruise you have been wanting to take.

Having only a few short years in which to build up the financial shortfall, what strategies can you effectively implement to help you retire with more?

Because it is never too late!

A strategy astute home owners implement, is manufacturing equity / wealth out of their family home.

There could be a number of suitable strategies. Not all might suit your block of land or dwelling and in discussing your financial goals with a professional group such as Downsize Services* you will be provided with options to help you maximise your current position so that you retire with more. We want you to have more to retire on!

After all, you have been told “your home is your Investment.” 

So why not make it so?